March 21-22, 2010... Journey South

The best weather forecast we saw for leaving Cockburn Town was on Sunday, so we were up and out early. Once out of the harbor we were surprised by 20-25 knot winds and a big swell. Not so great - and we considered turning back. But as the day went on, our voyage to Big Sand Cay improved as the winds dropped slightly. By 2pm we had reached the anchorage. Once the anchor was set, we kayaked to the sand beach to look around. No whales. But the scenery is beautiful. Back to the boat in late afternoon, we found that the rolls picked up. So while the holding here is good, the comfort level is low. Overnight, a huge flock of birds came to the island. They screamed all night but were gone by first light. We wonder if they are some northbound migrating birds. Anyone?
This morning we set out for the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately the winds turned too far to the south and the swells were huge. Not the best conditions for starting an overnight voyage. So, we turned back to Big Sand Cay. We'll enjoy the beach here one more day and tough out the rolliness, then start again for DR in the morning as the winds back to the east again. Wish us luck.

Big Sand Cay, Turks & Caicos: +21° 11' 34.56", -71° 15' 3.84"


  1. Hey Guys-
    Tried to do some research for you. Checked out villas at Taylor's Cove. Couldn't find any famous owners but they had some beautiful places at $1,000 a night or more! Also looked for migratory birds on Big Sandy. Internet just says that lots stop there but no list of what kinds. Last week was big week for me. turned 60 and had another grandson born. Be well my friends.


  2. Dad and Patti, buena suerte!