March 18-19, 2010... Caicos Bank and Ccckburn Town

Leaving Sapodilla just after sunrise we headed out over the Caicos Bank on the Pearl rhumb line which would take us to South Caicos. An overcast morning soon became a beautiful sunny day and we had an easy time getting east. We didn't see another boat over the course of the entire day on the Bank. The turn up into the ocean was easy - no wind against tide issues - and we quickly got to the entrance of Cockburn harbor. Only a few other boats there meant we had a fairly easy time of anchoring, though the bottom is a combination of grass, sand, and rock. Warm weather allowed us to have dinner in the cockpit while we listened to one of the Spanish language radio stations -- getting our ears ready for the Dominican Republic.
When we woke up on Friday we noticed that a front had come through and we had swung around to the north. Unlike the fronts in the Bahamas, we hardly noticed this one -- just that it had dropped some rain (and we had all the hatches and ports open.) But no strong winds. We went to town to visit Immigration and Customs and check out as we will be leaving Turks & Caicos over the weekend. Cockburn Town has a fish packing plant so we were able to get some frozen grouper to take along with us and the local grocery stores had some fresh produce. So we are all set to go again.

Cockburn Town (East Harbor), South Caicos: +21° 29' 28.44", -71° 32' 17.94"

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