March 15-16, 2010... Leaving the Bahamas (Part II)

After some rest in Abraham's Bay, we left after sunset to finish the transit to Turks & Caicos. The night was beautiful -- we really do need to learn more about the constellations as they are all easy to see when underway at night. The wind was on the stern so we tried a number of sail combinations and trims, but with the rolly seas we kept getting knocked off course and the wind wouldn't fill the sails. Giving up, we turned on the motor and headed to the Caicos Bank. By dawn, West Caicos was in view and we turned onto the Bank, happy to leave the swells. It was fairly easy to avoid the coral heads by following the rhumb line and we headed to Sapodilla Bay on Provo and anchored. Cleaning up a bit, we went to shore to clear customs and immigration in the port. Everyone was really nice to us and the procedures were straightforward. After a walk through 'town' we went back to the boat to rest some more. We stayed on board for a wonderful, WARM, and calm night.

Sapodilla Bay, Turks & Caicos Islands: +21° 44' 29.10", -72° 17' 23.16"

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