October 31, 2010... Halloween in Calivigny Harbour

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Tomas blew through 90 miles north of Grenada on Saturday October 30, leaving us untouched. We had prepared for the storm on Friday by deploying a second anchor, taking down the awning, raising the kayak, and tying everything down. The winds and rain behind the storm that came through on Sunday were actually stronger, though still incredibly light, considering what could have been.

Once all that calmed down, the kids in the anchorage came calling for trick or treat! Philemon the pirate and Cyrene the ballerina from Tariro and their friend the ghoul from Nomad knocked on the hull. They were going boat to boat and took in quite a haul of bonbons et gallettes. Its fun to see an American tradition practiced by French kids in Grenada!

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  1. What was John's costume - a plebe in full dress gray?