November 11-16, 2010... Sandy Island, Carriacou

Wow. We moved the boat! We were worried we had forgotten how. The sail up the windward coast of Grenada didn't give us as much wind as we'd hoped for, so we had to motorsail, but once we were at the northern end of the island and crossing to Carriacou we had 15-18 knots and we started really going. Too bad we only had a few miles left! Rounding the bend into L'Esterre Bay we found Sandy Island just as we left it 3 months ago, and a choice mooring next to the beach was available. The contrast with the water in Grenada was stark -- here we had clear, gorgeous turquoise waters and we could see the bottom. It really does a lot for your attitude to have such beautiful surroundings.

Of course we snorkeled the reef several times -- it felt so good to get back into the water. But, we were slightly disappointed. Though the number of fish was terrific, it looked to us like the reef had bleached in several places since we were here in August. We are trying to determine by looking at our photos from then if our suspicions are correct. If so, the reef may be on its last legs and the efforts to preserve it too late.

Something we hadn't done before is kayak across the bay to Paradise Beach. We did this a couple of times to get a good workout. It is also where Curtis runs his Off De Hook beach bar. He had come by the boat to tell us about it so we thought we'd give it a try. What a beautiful view! Good music, nice people. We could see spending many fine afternoons there -- if we were staying on. But the Grenadines beckons. So we're off again after only a few days in Carriacou. (so many islands, so little time...)
Sandy Island, Carriacou: 12d29.070'N 61d28.896'W

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  1. Hello Patti
    This is your childhood pal Susan Rosenberg Osiason. I got in touch with Kathie Hersch and she told me about your adventure ! I have been reading through your blog and looking at your pictures. What a fantastic experience ! You look great- very happy and healthy.
    My boyfriend's name is John too and he is also a boater. We live in Tampa and St Petersburg Florida.
    If by sone chance you sail by the west coast of Florida- it would be great to see you.
    My email is