October 20, 2010... Road Trip

After more than two months in Grenada we've been most everywhere, except the north coast. So we circumnavigated the island by bus heading east from our anchorage on the #2E bus to Grenville. We snapped a photo of our conductor on this bus -- nice guy -- he had worked for the Chinese project at La Sagesse (see sign.)

 In Grenville, we picked up some peanut clusters at the market (little spike of energy!) and took the #9 bus north to Sauteurs, the northernmost town. Like many places, the most impressive buildings were the churches. The Catholic church is built in front of Leapers Hill -- the place the last island natives, the Caribs, jumped to their deaths rather than live under French rule in the 17th century. Views from the coast are of the small islands between Grenada and Carriacou -- this day the water looked pretty rough for sailors headed north as hurricane season nears its end.

 Finished with our tour of the town we got the #5 bus which took us up through the mountains again and out to the west coast near Victoria, through Gouyave and south to St. George's. From there, back onto the #2E bus and home. The whole trip cost $38 EC -- around $13 US for both of us to ride through the countryside with madcap drivers, who race each other for fares, making us hang on as we careen around pin turns. Ah, what cruisers will do for entertainment!

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