November 16-19, 2010... Inching North

Over the past few days we've moved north trying a couple of new anchorages. Leaving Carriacou (where we saw a turtle when we were out kayaking...forgot to mention that earlier) we sailed up to Union Island in order to check into St. Vincent & the Grenadines. We really only wanted to stay in Union for that purpose, and didn't like the anchorage in Clifton, so we tucked up to Frigate Island. Only boat there. A welcome change to the tumult we could expect in Clifton where a zillion charter boats come in and anchor right on top of you.

Next day we left for Mayreau, a short sail away. This time we anchored on the windward side of the island behind the reef. Only boat there! Stayed a couple of days and would have stayed longer, but a front threatened to bring bad weather for the weekend and we thought it better to head for Bequia. In Mayreau we did get to see a terrific hunt by little tunas for the really little fish that school by the hundreds, maybe thousands. The tuna would literally jump out of the water chasing these fish. The whole basin was alive with activity. (Maybe you had to be there...but we thought it exciting.)

Today we sailed to Bequia. This goes down in the history books as one of our best sails. Even though the winds were incredibly light, we made this 45,000 lb. boat go under sail. And when the winds finally did come up later in the day, we had Anhinga in a groove. We are now anchored in Admiralty Bay, and very happy to be back here.

16 Nov: Frigate Island, Union, SVG: 12d34.904'N 61d26.277'W
17-18 Nov: Mayreau, SVG: 12d38.243'N 61d23.244'W
19 Nov: Admiralty Bay, Bequia, SVG: 13d00.070'N 61d14.628'W

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