November 10, 2010... Saying Goodbye to Grenada

This will be our last night in Grenada after three months here; the longest we've been in any one place since we started this adventure. Leaving is bittersweet as this is such a beautiful place and we really enjoyed our stay. But we are anxious to move on and have spent the past few days with preparations. John went up the mast to make some minor repairs and scraped the hull one last time of its Calivigny Harbour ecosystem. We scraped the kayak bottom too, did one last laundry at the Grenada Yacht Club, re-provisioned, made chandlery purchases, raised the boats, and took down the awning.

We took some time to look around again, appreciating the life here. One walk up a BIG hill rewarded us with fabulous views of the harbour where we've lived for seven weeks, as well as of Westerhall Point and the entrance to Port Egmont. And we saw a man move his goats to another pasture by the road. We had last visits to Alina's fruit and vegetable stand, a wonderful meal at the Mangrove Hideaway with Heidi and Bill from Act III, and of course, last bus rides on the island.

Tomorrow's journey is only 25-30 miles to Carriacou, but it signals the start of another migratory season for us in the Caribbean as we start the voyage north. Goodbye Grenada!

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  1. Fair winds and following seas, to you and Anhinga. Bill H