July 7-8, 2010... St. Pierre, Martinique

Another great little town. St. Pierre, the capital of Martinique until it was completely destroyed by the Mt. Pelee volcanic eruption in 1902, was rebuilt in the late 1920s and 30s. Before the eruption, this was a town of 30,000 people -- all of whom were killed. This is now a small village of 5,000. We visited the museum to learn more about the town before the eruption and to see artifacts recovered after the blast. Like a Caribbean Pompeii. We enjoyed our stay, again loving the food in the French islands, feeling like we can always get what we want. The fixed price menus are a terrific deal and our dinner at La Vague, overlooking the bay (and Anhinga!) was no exception. Local fish, curried goat, creole appetizers, fruit sorbet and Patti's experiment with Ti Punch. Yow!

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