July 20-23, 2010... Exploring Bequia

Five years ago we didn’t get much beyond Admiralty Bay and the town.  So, this time we ventured out to see more of the island.  One day we walked over to Friendship Bay on the south shore thinking we could go to the beach and snorkel there.  But the water was too rough and the beach just a sliver, so we just came on back to Admiralty and got in the appreciably calmer waters to snorkel.  Though the coral formations are not much to look at, there are a lot of fish.  Also squid.  And an eel.  There were several of these big blue fish (18 inches long) that had the coloring of a parrotfish, but not the beaks.  We tried checking our sources for ID, but come up empty.  Anyone out there know?
We also hiked over the ridge another day towards the northeast of the island stopping to see the views of the Atlantic from the Spring and Industry areas.  And another chance to walk along and smell the flowers growing abundantly everywhere.  Our long walk ended at the turtle sanctuary in Park.  This is a privately run, voluntary activity to help save the endangered sea turtles of the Caribbean.  Hawksbills and Green turtles are raised here and then released after 3-4 years all over the Grenadines.  Its a wonderful venture and its nice to get up close to the baby turtles that you just don’t see naturally on the reefs.

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