July 10-12, 2010... Les Trois Ilets and Anse Mitan

When we weren't in FdF, we walked around Le Bourg of Les Trois Ilets and also hiked up and down the hills to get around to Anse Mitan, the beach town nearby. Le Bourg is yet another beautiful Martiniquais town; great waterfront, historic church, town hall, and older houses with the fish scale tiles for which this town is known. We celebrated our first year cruising (13 July 2009 - 13 July 2010) with a fine French dinner at Fleur de Sel -- this may have been the best meal we've had all year. Would love to come back and repeat that experience sometime -- to celebrate year two?
Anse Mitan is a more commercial area with lots of tourist shops, hotels, vacations apartments, and a nice beach. We got a real treat the day we were there, having lunch in one of the beachside restaurants. A fishing boat roared up to the beach with a HUGE marlin or swordfish -- easily a couple of hundred pounds. The fishermen unloaded it on the beach drawing everyone around. They then took it out to the street and set up a table to sell steaks. We didn't buy - we had a 2-3 mile walk in front of us and didn't think the fish would make it back - but wow!

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