July 18, 2010... Back in Bequia

Sunday we were making really good time crossing from St. Lucia to St. Vincent, so we decided to keep going and head straight to Bequia, the first island of the Grenadines south of St. Vincent.  We had been here once before when we chartered a boat about five years ago, and had nothing but great memories of the place.  Making the Admiralty Bay anchorage before dusk, we were surprised to see about 50 boats anchored where we had had 3 before!  We circled around looking for a spot and settled for one between Tony Gibbons and the Lower Bay beaches.  Even with all the boats here (eventually the anchorage thinned out a bit to about half as many boats) Bequia is still beautiful.  There are more houses on the hills and more restaurants in the town of Port Elizabeth, but the water is still crystal clear and the beaches clean.  
We settled in to life here.  In the mornings the bread man would come by Anhinga in his boat and sell us a fresh loaf of whole wheat.  On days when we wanted fresh fish, we would wait to hear the sound of the conch shell being blown, meaning that a fisherman arrived in town with his catch.  If you didn’t hurry, you’d miss out -- the fish sells out fast.   We also decided to take advantage of a thriving boat industry and invest in a UV cover for the headsail, as well as an awning to keep the boat cockpit and interior cooler.   Avell Davis of Grenadine Sails built these in less than 36 hours.  The awning is already helping save our skin from the intense Caribbean sun. 
Admiralty Bay, Bequia:  +13° 0' 4.50", -61° 14' 41.52"

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