July 13-14, 2010... Last Stop in Martinique

Tracking weather to continue the voyage down island indicated that a Thursday trip across the St. Lucia Channel would be right. So, Tuesday we moved to stage at Petit Anse d'Arlet, the last cove on the west coast of Martinique. OK, so how many charming waterfront towns can there possibly be in the French islands? This is yet another, with a terrific dock, beach, esplanade, colorful beachfront church, wonderful flowers, bakeries and markets. AND, turtles! They keep coming around our boat checking us out -- seem to be bigger than the hawksbills we saw in the USVI -- but we haven't been able to ID them. Bittersweet, we kayaked in for our last visit to France before leaving in the morning for St. Lucia.

Petit Anse D'Arlet: +14° 29' 21.78", -61° 4' 55.80"

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