May 7-9, 2010... La Parguera

La Parguera is known for its coral reefs and we tried a couple of snorkeling spots near the moorings at Cayo Enrique, one of which we were steered to by the boat captain at the University Oceanographic Institute.  They were okay, but nothing compared to the spot we discovered on our own closer to our boat.  John took the camera with us and we got our first underwater photos.  There really were some good coral heads and lots of fish, and only the swells, pruny fingers, and fatigue kept us from spending even more time there.  
One afternoon we took the dinghy to a mangrove canal separating the mainland from Isla Cuevas.  This is a gorgeous spot where the mangroves hang over the water providing complete shade.  Another night we also visited the phosphorescent bay where thousands of tiny microorganisms light up when agitated.  Galen jumped in first, and after seeing him sparkle with little lights all over, Patti and John followed.  Quite a beautiful sight.  We also treated ourselves to one of the best restaurant dinners we've had in a long time.  When in La Parguera, go to Aguazul for scrumptious and imaginatively prepared dishes.

Holy mackerel!    We almost forgot to mention that the first morning in La Parguera we had 4 King Mackerel investigate our boat.  They were at least 3 feet long and one of them may have been as long as 4-5 feet.  We don't know what is growing on our bottom, but the mackerel were certainly interested!

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  1. The colors in your photos of these beautiful reefs are wonderful! What a treat to look at. Bill H