May 26-28, 2010... Culebrita

Wednesday morning we left Culebra and sailed over to Culebrita, a small island just off of Culebra that is mostly a nature preserve.  We had a terrific sail, one of the very few we've had lately.  We anchored in Bahia de Tortuga (Turtle Bay) -- the only boat in the basin.  This is another truly beautiful place with green green hills overlooking turquoise water and wonderful sand beaches.  Our weather wasn't the best for a couple of days but we did take a hike up through the extremely dense vegetation to the lighthouse and snorkeled a couple of times.  The second time we saw two turtles and thousands of reef fish.  Too bad we didn't take the camera. 

Culebrita:  +18° 19' 11.40", -65° 13' 41.94"

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