May 1-5, 2010... Saying Goodbye to Boqueron

Galen's arrival means we will be moving on to cruise the south coast.  With all the good memories of the last few weeks in Boqueron, we wanted to make sure we saw the people we met here once again.  So Sunday night we shared a wonderful sushi dinner with Henry and Martha and wished them well on their next move as they head to France for the summer.  Maybe we'll see them in the Kuna Yala when they get back to their boat in the fall.   Monday, Chuck and Loleen took us on a car trip up into the mountains to Maricao, stopping at the St John the Baptist shrine where Chuck unexpectedly adopted a stray kitten that wormed its way into his heart.  The kitten was not sure what to make of the car trip, but did ok as we stopped to visit the very picturesque town of San German.  
We drove to Ponce airport to collect Galen on Tuesday and made no wrong turns for the 60 km trip (until we missed the airport parking lot entrance and had to circle back.)  Wednesday, after a quick tour of Boqueron and the beach, Galen settled into shipboard life as we prepared to get underway Thursday morning.  That meant raising the anchor chain foot-by-foot to scrub and chip away the accumulated growth of weeds and barnacles - yuck!  We raised the kayak and found a similar story.  Guess we'll see more when we raise the dinghy...  But, it's all good.  It means we will be underway again.  Tomorrow we sail to La Parguera.

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