April 25-30, 2010... Loving Boqueron

This past week has been a whirlwind (by slacker cruiser standards) as our social life picked up and our engagement calendar filled.  Chuck on Ronin arrived back in town and invited us to his house for dinner; then Henry and Martha took us out for an all day drive (originally just a food shopping trip) and we lunched in Rincon; the Kiwi Navy was in port for a few days and Margaret invited us for Roy's birthday party on Barnstorm; then Henry and Martha had us to dinner (actually at their friend Dave's house) where we sat into the wee hours (way past cruiser midnight...) enjoying conversation with Dave's fellow Nebraskans (including Ruth - a transplanted New Yorker) and eating and eating; and finally Chuck took us up into the mountains east of Mayaguez to Loleen's farm where she made us a fabulous dinner after giving us a tour of the northwest coast and introducing us to her aunt and uncle who live next door.  It's exhausting just writing about it.  
As one of the cruisers with longevity in this harbor, we notice which boats belong where.  One morning we went up into the cockpit and saw Ronin a few hundred yards off our bow instead of a mile away near the beach.  Once again in rescue mode; into the dinghy we went and roused Carl, who got Mark and Mike and Crystal, and we shepherded Ronin back and re-anchored with a Danforth vice Delta anchor.  We wonder if a boat a week drags in this harbor?  
Friday we woke up with no obligations and filled our day with laundry, fueling, boat chores, kayaking, and then simply nothing.  Aaahhhh.  The hard rain over night gave us a nice clean deck wash and Saturday is yet another beautiful sunny day in Boqueron.   We are eagerly awaiting and preparing for Patti's son Galen's visit.  He arrives Tuesday at Ponce airport and will be cruising with us for three weeks.  There is so much to see in Puerto Rico and we can't wait to share that with Galen.

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