May 10-11, 2010... Cayos de Cana Gorda (Gilligan’s Island)

Up early, we left La Parguera just after sunrise Monday hoping to avoid the worst of the trade winds by moving east before they started blowing.  We motorsailed as there wasn't sufficient wind to sail and arrived in Guanica Bay by 9:30am.  We were the only cruising boat here so parking was not a problem.  Getting in so early in the day was confusing.  By nightfall, we thought we had been here two days vice one.  John and Patti explored the mangrove islands by kayak,  Galen stayed on the boat and worked on his diving and somersaults over the side.  We all went to San Jacinto, the closest town, by dinghy to look around a little more.  Galen walked up into the hills to get a view of the  water from there and to see what was over the other side.  
Tuesday we went snorkeling on the reef close by.  Big coral heads; lots of fish swimming in schools -- bigger than the ones we had seen before.  Afterwards John did some boat bottom scraping (you gotta love boat chores you do in a bathing suit with a mask and snorkel.)  But, he got some unexpected attention from a couple of remoras -- one of which seemed to want to attach itself to John who had to defend himself and whack it away.  The afternoon turned stormy and we stayed aboard closing hatches, opening them when we thought the rains had passed and closing them again when they returned.  Over the course of the afternoon we turned 360 degrees as the winds came from everywhere.  Lazy night, getting ready to move again.  Tomorrow, Ponce.

Guanica Bay:  +17° 56' 51.06", -66° 52' 19.62"

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