November - December 2014...Finally, NC to FL (by boat)

One more trip to Delray Beach by air from New Bern, then back to Anhinga to move south. By this time, it was frigid, and we swore we would never again catch ourselves so far north this late in the year. (The marina was shutting off water to the docks because of the freeze.) Chugged down the Neuse and Adams Creek, anchored in Beaufort to wait for weather to move out the inlet and south. Lost the weather window for a change, and bit the bullet to keep driving on the ICW. That night anchored next to Camp LeJeune, eating dinner to the sound of Osprey aircraft landings. Next day, up with the frost, puttered south to Wrightsville Beach. Was it our imagination, or was it actually warming up? We started peeling layers during the day. Onward. Down the Cape Fear River, catching a 3 kt current that whooshed us south. Continuing on to sleep in the marsh at Shallotte River. Crossing into South Carolina, we felt the temperature slowly rising (or were we just being hopeful?) Back to the beautiful Waccamaw River, we settled in for a couple of days in Prince Creek -- scene of our alligator encounters from a couple of years back. Another blow was coming through and we could stay protected in the creek.

Waited for weather to leave for an offshore passage via Winyah Bay. 10 kts in the bay, fierce 25-30 kts out the inlet (against us of course...where did this come from?) We fought our way out and as soon as we turned off the wind to put up the sails, yup, the wind died. You can't win. Driving to make miles and put the cold behind us. Next day the cold was gone and the beauty of the waters off Georgia made us forget winter. We had at least 7 dolphins swimming with us for quite a while and watching them play was the highlight of the trip. With quiet weather the next day, we pulled into St. Augustine inlet, got our mooring assignment (#25), and tied up. Florida! A few days after our arrival, Gem sailed in after their odyssey from the frigid Chesapeake. We took MV and Shane on a whirlwind tour of St Augustine, snapping their photo at Flagler College.

19 Nov: Radio Island, Beaufort, NC 34d42.798'N 76d40.784'W
20 Nov: Mile Hammock Bay, NC 34d33.065'N 77d19.439'W
21 Nov: Wrightsville Beach, NC 34d12.341'N 77d47.981'W
22 Nov: Shallotte River, NC 33d54.894'N 78d22.237'W
23 Nov: Prince Creek, SC 33d34.885'N 79d05.832'W
27 Nov: Winyah Bay, SC 33d13.773'N 79d11.978'W
30 Nov: St Augustine, FL 29d53.042'N 81d18.226'W

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