12-15 March 2015... South Berry Islands

Anxious to head further south, we sought something other than a SE wind to move. It rarely came. After one aborted exit from Bullocks when we returned to the anchorage, we bit the bullet, went around the Stirrups and south down the Berry Island chain. Many anchorages were filling up with northbound sailors. Examining the charts we decided on Frozen and Alder Cays as a place to stop. After one night in an incredibly rolly anchorage (after trying 4 times to find something better) we moved to Bonds Cay - aaaahhh!! Anhinga finally settled down and we had a couple of good nights there. Again, splashed the kayak and flexed some muscles. Admired the ironstone rock formations with snails and chitons stuck on and the huge number of starfish along the bottom. Lots of rays too. And beautiful sunsets with no land between us and the horizon; John saw a green flash!

Frozen Cay: 25d33.002'N 77d42.998'W
Alder Cay: 25d32.452'N 77d43.338'W
Bonds Cay: 25d29.769'N 77d43.891'W

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