15-18 March 2015... On to the Exuma Islands

We left Bonds and spent one night at Rose Island to the east of Nassau. Yikes -- very busy anchorage that night. Up early the next day and headed out during a beautiful red dawn to our first stop in the Exumas. Next day we were to meet Gem near the airplane wreck in the Normans Cut, but it looked a bit crowded in there and after a long day traveling, we settled on the west side, figuring to move in the morning. This anchorage also filled as the sun set, from 2 boats when we got there to more than a dozen.

Moved to the wreck and started seeing tropical fish while we were anchoring. How cool is that? We headed out for an exploratory paddle through the shallows into the lagoon. Yup -- the water disappeared from under the kayak and we had to drag it along, but we got to some incredibly beautiful spots where the water was several colors of blue and green, the sand blindingly white and the cave cuts cool and eerie.

Had a wonderful reunion with MV and Shane, met their visiting friend Albert, and planned some onward travel together. Snorkeled the wreck -- a drug smuggling plane from the 80s that didn't quite make the airstrip. Lots of sergeant major fish -- some of the males in the blue shade, camouflaged to protect the eggs nesting on the plane.

Rose Island: 25d04.975'N 77d12.908'W
Normans Cay (west): 24d36.163'N 76d49.356'W
Normans Cay (cut): 24d35.680'N 76d48.399'W

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