5-12 March 2015... Crossing to the Bahamas; Great Harbour Cay

Not a very eventful passage out Lake Worth Inlet through the Gulf Stream to Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands. We were pushed a bit north of our course and the wind wasn't pleasant as it was close to the nose, but we didn't expect anything else. We cleared in at the marina, but anchored outside in Bullocks Harbour. As it was 'the migration season' we watched many boats in Bullocks depart for parts north. Seemed odd as we had just arrived. Never having been on Great Harbour Cay we did have fun exploring by kayak -- great to be paddling again. The water was crystal clear and we saw sharks, rays, bonefish, and starfish alongside us as we moseyed on. We went up Shark Creek, a mangrove waterway that gave us some shade from the relentless sun. Without that, John was in full anti-sun regalia, hoorag'd up.

Great Harbour Cay: 25d45.131'N 77d52.558'W

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