October 14, 2010... Seven Sisters Waterfalls

Another day out in the wilderness of Grenada... along with Carrie and Carl from Sanctuary and Crystal from Dancing Dolphin, we took the bus to Grand Etang in the central highlands of the island. Our first stop was to see the mona monkeys that beg tourists for food -- Crystal had some bananas -- when finished, they aggressively approached Carrie for more, tugging on her dress.

Down the road to the waterfalls (aka St. Margaret Falls), we picked up our hiking sticks and walked through a farm. There we saw our first and only nutmeg tree since getting to Grenada. Hurricane Ivan demolished the island's nutmeg trees in 2004; something like 90% of the trees were ripped up and blown away. It takes several years for the trees to mature and bear fruit, and we have been on the lookout for a tree since we got here. Finally.

The weather was not as cooperative as if could have been, it rained pretty much the whole time (about an hour) we hiked down to the falls. While this did make the trip cooler (always welcome) it also made it pretty muddy. Carefully we worked our way through the rainforest and all that gorgeous greenery to the stream and then the falls. Pretty magical. Super Butterfly entertained us with some daredevil high dives off the falls. None of us followed, but the toughest of the crew (Carrie, Crystal, and Patti) braved the icy waters and swam in the waterfalls pool. It was refreshing!

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