September 26 - October 10, 2010...Calivigny Harbour, Grenada

We stayed at the Clarke's Court Bay Marina for a week after returning from the States. Trying to get back in shape by kayaking everywhere, we did some trips down the bay and out around Hog Island; also into Hartman Bay. We participated in some of the cruiser activities ... cruiser cricket on Saturday, Sunday beach party at Roger's on Hog Island, bus trip to Gouyave fisherman village for Friday fish fry, shopping bus to IGA, and the trek by dinghy to Hartman to walk across L'Anse aux Epines to the Tiki Bar for the Saturday night blues jam session with Rough Enough.

Getting a little restless though, we left the slip on Sunday for points east... not really sure where we would end up. Having been to Egmont, we settled on the next bay east, Calivigny Harbour, another protected cove on the south coast. This is a nice quiet little place, just the medicine we needed after all the cruiser community hoopla. And, we can still get to town on the bus from here -- another new route to learn! The bus also goes east to Grenville, so we've been able to explore there as well. After two weeks, we haven't even lowered the dinghy as we can kayak back and forth to the dock. The Mangrove Hide-Away restaurant on shore is a beautiful place to stop for a drink after returning from town, or to have a great local meal. Carrie and Carl on Sanctuary joined us here after their passage from Trinidad. It's been great catching up, having not seen them since April in Boqueron, Puerto Rico.

Several times we've thought, well maybe we should head back west to one of the populated anchorages, but we always seem to change our minds and just stay put. 'Peaceful' doesn't do justice to this place. See what you think -- attached are some pictures from one dawn in the bay.

Calivigny Harbour: 12d00.850'N 61d42.683'W

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  1. Hello! My name is Danielle, I believe we may have met in Grenada in 2010 while I was living there - my parents are good friends with Marg & Steve Colquhoun of the sailboat Lion's Paw. While I was in Grenada I was completing my PhD thesis. I am now finished and was wondering if I might have your permission to use two of your pictures from your blog? Sadly I never took any pictures of Grenadian buses and I would be very appreciative if you would give me permission to use yours.

    If you could contact me as soon as possible I would be very appreciative.

    All the best,
    Danielle Sirek
    danielle.lacasse @