September 8-11, 2009... Waiting for the Weather Window

We are still in Cutchogue Harbor hunkering down through a stalled weather system. The weather forecast this week was and proved to be for strong winds from the east and northeast. So we moved to the NE corner of the harbor to get into the lee of the land and reduce the rolliness of the anchorage. The storm system is pushing steady winds of 20-25 knots with gusts to 30+ through here. Today, that was coupled with a huge downpour. Every 12 hours we hope that the weather forecast improves so that we may move to Sag Harbor - which will be our jumping off point for Block Island. At this point, looks like a possible local move tomorrow, with the big sail to Block on Sunday when there are supposed to be NW and west winds - favorable to the trip. The worst part of this waiting is the COLD weather. Where has summer gone!

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  1. Tough it out, you are true sailors now!!! :-)