September 16-20, 2009... Waiting for the Weather Window, Again

We are spending lots of quality time on Block Island, waiting for a good wind to start our voyage south. Yesterday, our first Saturday here, we saw our anchorage increase from 5 to 25 boats. We were getting really used to being sort of alone out here and it was a shock to have so much company. But, you can see why people want to come to this beautiful place. And, it was the first not-crazy-windy day since Wednesday. We had become caricatures, walking stooped over into the wind as the gusts went up to 30 knots. We’ve been re-provisioning, taking long walks to town, visited the Island Cemetery -- another place with 250 year-old graves -- and just relaxing. Today, Sunday, was a gorgeous day with no wind, so we took the opportunity to kayak out of the Great Salt Pond and into the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. It takes your breath away to be in those rolling waves. We kayaked up the west side of island to the northern point and back again to the Pond. Tonight, the anchorage is settling back into the weekday numbers (just 7 boats) and then a BIG surprise. Its always a little intimidating to have a yacht with a helicopter pull up alongside...

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