8-13 May 2015... Up the Ragged - Jumentos Islands Chain

Retracing our steps, we sailed first to Johnson Cay -- maybe our favorite place in the Bahamas (or as the radio ad says -- Baha-mazing!) Another chance to snorkel the beautiful reef right there in the cove. But on we must go, so we continued to Buena Vista and Water Cays, and didn't even get off the boat. Just slept and moved on. Then timed our approach with the tides to the Comer Channel, popping out off the banks and into the wind, throttled up the engine for the last 10 miles into Thompson Bay, Long Island.

Johnson Cay: 22d20.223'N 75d46.818'W
Buena Vista Cay: 22d25.859'N 75d50.048'W
Water Cay: 23d00.794'N 75d43.596'W

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