2-8 May 2015... Hog Cay

The cold front finally passed through and the wind was clocking back to something east. We used the opportunity to move south to Hog Cay. Then the really horrendous weather came -- high winds and nonstop rain, squalls, thunderstorms for over 48 hours as the front regressed through the southern Bahamas. We were confined to boat. That wasn't so much fun, but boy, did the deck ever get clean! There is not one ounce of salt left anywhere on the topside of Anhinga. First day we were able to get off, we dinghyed to the beach to start exploring. And who greeted us? Three goats! Right on the beach. Still have no idea how the goats got onto all these islands or whether anyone owns them. We dinghyed over to Duncan Town on Ragged Island -- got internet at the BTC office. Not much else in town -- saw more goats than people. Back at Hog we walked some of the trails, then craving fresh vegetables, we decided it was time to head north, back to civilization.

Hog Cay: 22d14.479'N 75d45.232'W

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