12-17 April 2015... Uninhabited Islands -- the Jumentos Cays

After a while, Georgetown can be a little much. We got tired of all the noise and needed a respite. So, once provisioned we headed to Long Island to get around the bank to the Comer Channel -- pathway to the Jumentos and Raggeds for deeper draft vessels like us. We stopped at Simms on Long Island, another place we'd been before where we could decompress from Georgetown and time our arrival the next day at the Comer Channel. We had to go on a rising tide so that we'd have enough water under the boat.

Good sail down there and great sail to Water Cay -- first cay in the Jumentos. OMG -- other boats! Well, only 5. We anchored half a mile from the nearest neighbor and had a really rolly night. So, we figured out another spot in a small cove and stayed there for a couple of nights. Water Cay was very pretty and we were happy to see more tropicbirds! The only other place we'd seen them was Shroud Cay up in the Park. Tried snorkeling -- way too much current the day we tried. So exercise was climbing another hill and kayaking the island. All good.

Next stop -- Flamingo Cay. Only 2 boats this time, but they left soon after we arrived and we were on our own. Until the Bahamian fishermen came to camp on the beach. They wanted to trade lobster for beer. We didn't want the lobster, so we just gave them some beer. We did have some good snorkeling here in very shallow water. Again, triggerfish. What we thought was rare is fairly common in this part of the Bahamas.

Simms, Long Island: 23d28.770'N 75d14.576'W
Water Cay, Jumentos: 23d01.150'N 75d43.407'W
Water Cay move: 23d00.606'N 75d43.600'W
Flamingo Cay, Jumentos: 22d53.061'N 75d52.178'W

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