March 11-21, 2014... Ft. Pierce, FL

Ft Pierce is always a good place to stop on travels along Florida -- easy inlet to navigate, fabulous green market on Saturdays to stock up on provisions. Anchored for a few days south of Causeway Island making travels to town shorter. Since last in Ft Pierce a couple of years ago, the island breakwaters to protect the town marina were built, but the new docks weren't there. Weather was a little strange this time with repeated strong winds. One storm had really strong southerlies, so we re-anchored north of Causeway just off the Coast Guard station, a good location for leaving on our next leg north.

Only noteworthy event of our stay was the Coast Guard boarding. We had already gone to bed when we heard voices and saw lights next to us. Being anchored just off their sea wall, we presented an easy opportunity. The Coasties were very polite, checked out our gear, we passed muster, and have our "get out of jail free card" good for the next year. Next morning, up anchor, on to St. Augustine.

Ft. Pierce (south of Causeway Island):  27d27.394'N  80d18.258'W
Ft. Pierce (north of Causeway Island):  27d27.876'N  80d18.523'W

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