Apr 29 - May 8, 2014... Charleston, SC

Up to Charleston...pleasant overnight trip till the end...winds came up and the chop in Charleston Harbor was horrendous. Rather than head up the Ashley River to anchor opposite the city marina, we ducked into the marshes near Isle of Palms for a couple of days till things settled down. It is so peaceful in the marsh even when the winds are crazy, and we rarely have any boats anchoring with us there. (Just wish the pistol shrimp would pipe down at night -- their chattering keeps us awake!)

Once the weather was calmer we anchored off the city. Everything we remembered about Charleston was the same -- the smell of honeysuckle everywhere, beautiful historic homes, terrific restaurants, friendly people. We finally learned why the 'false front' homes were built sideways to the street -- this avoids a wide street presence as that was how property taxes were computed. Aha!

Big hike -- we walked over the Ravenel Bridge to Mt. Pleasant, spent some quality time at one of the waterside restaurants on Shem Creek, and wandered around looking at the shrimpers, the birds, the water. Another beautiful place. No walking back for us -- 8 miles one way was enough! So bus back to town and Anhinga.

Inlet Creek:  32d46.993'N  79d49.507'W
Charleston:  32d46.500'N  79d57.174'W

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  1. Good to see the Anhinga "on-line" again. Safe travels.