Apr 24-28, 2014... Cumberland Island, GA

A daysail from St Augustine, we always love to come back to Cumberland Island. Because it is almost entirely National Seashore, it is very peaceful -- especially after the last ferry goes back to St Mary's with its load of daytrippers. Not too many cruisers get off the beaten path to stop here either, and if they do, it is often only for a day or two. It is one of the most beautiful places we've been. The beach is long and white, the dunes and driftwood gorgeous, and walking into the forest after being on the beach, the sun shining through live oaks draped in Spanish moss with an understory of palms will just take your breath away.

Of course we kayaked. And we had a couple of dolphins come close to swim with us as we paddled.

We got a weather window to sail north to Charleston. So, up anchor, headed down Cumberland Sound to the inlet, and we hear a securite call on the radio. The call was to let all mariners know that a Navy asset was headed in and to stay clear. We were just at the marker and saw an Ohio class nuclear-powered submarine with the crew riding topside coming up to Kings Bay. We let them pass....!

Cumberland Island:  30d46.159'N  81d28.285'W

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