August 23, 2011... Still Snorkeling!

If you are a reader of our blog and are getting bored by underwater photos, sorry... But here are some more.  It still flips us out to see such crazy stuff swimming just off our boat near the town seawall.  Of course we saw pufferfish.  But, the latest wacky fish was the spotted scorpionfish laying low here.  Later we found out these guys are poisonous to humans, so glad we didn’t make him mad.

Also, we are now seeing eels everyday.  One was a spotted moray with a lavender-shaded head and greenish fins.  Another was the goldspotted eel.  And finally, another spotted moray with a darker coloration.  This last guy was shooing lots of fish away from his new-found lair, and boy did they swim fast to get away from him.

Lastly, while Hurricane Irene was churning away in the northern Caribbean and Atlantic, here in the southern sea we had no wind and surf.  A perfect opportunity for more snorkeling at Klein Bonaire.  These photos are from there -- again -- beautiful coral, lots of fish -- including the juvenile slender filefish next to the purple pipe coral and the two whitespotted filefish chasing each other like dogs chasing their tails.  And others...enjoy!

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  1. Hey Guys- Never get tired of these great under water shots. Irene delayed my trip to OBX by 2 days but got here Monday. Great weather and great to be by the ocean again. Keep the pics coming!