August 13, 2011... Parrots!

The yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot (locally known as the lora) is an endangered species.  Only 800 survive on Bonaire -- a figure that has climbed recently as activists have worked to improve the environment for the birds as well as rescue those poached for resale as pets.  We read about these efforts and thought that we would eventually go out looking for loras.  One day on the way to the supermarket we heard parrot squawks right in Plaza Wilhelmina in downtown Kralendijk.  Sure enough there were six parrots in a tree.  Thereafter, every time we passed the plaza, we looked up and saw many parrots.  One day John tried his hand at some bird photography.  The results follow.  We dedicate this blog entry to friends MV and Shane, cruisers on Gem who have placed us in the old people category because we search out and photograph birds.  May they one day be as old and fun as we are!

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