August 14, 2011... More Underwater Photos

Those keeping up with our blog know that we enjoy snorkeling, identifying and photographing the underwater creatures.  We continue to try new places around Bonaire to see different stuff.  One day down south of the airport we tied up to a mooring and found these baby cuttlefish just under the painter.  Cute, huh?  Their mom must have told them to stay put until she got back.

You don’t need to range too far to have a good snorkel experience.  The past few days we’ve been swimming off the boat towards the town wall.  There is a stone ledge just under the wall where hundreds of animals hide out.  In addition to the usual suspects, we saw 3 lionfish, a spotted moray eel, flounder (much prettier than the ones the Litmans used to fish out of Long Island Sound), the most adorable but shy porcupine fish, grouper, and others.  

We even saw an octopus in the rubble -- but he’s not cooperating with the photographer.  Can you find the octopus in this picture?

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