June 8-11, 2011... La Parguera

Ahhhh, it's good to be back. La Parguera is one of our favorite places in Puerto Rico. We anchored a little closer to town this time, but still not too far away from some primo snorkeling spots. We went back to the reef 3 times in 3 days -- couldn't get enough.

We met Chuck and Lolene -- some friends from Boqueron -- to catch up after a year. They'd been out cruising a bit and were planning to go out again for a few weeks. Lolene tipped us off to Caracoles, a small mangrove islet just east of town, that hosts an impromptu party every weekend. We checked it out on our way back from snorkeling on Friday and went back for the big show on Saturday. This is yet another gorgeous place that attracts everyone who just wants to enjoy life. We dinghyed over, dropped the anchor, and watched the party happen. Terrific music coming from all the boats provided us with just the inspiration we needed for a little bit of dancing. Its not often that you get to dance waist deep in clear water on beautiful white sand.

Like all great spots, we find ourselves having to leave before we want to. The weather was due to turn bad mid-week and then go from bad to worse. We needed to be in St Thomas (over 120 miles away) on 19 June to get our new refrigeration installed. So -- we had to leave La Parguera Sunday morning. Hasta luego!

La Parguera: 17d58.200'N 67d02.970'W

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