June 5-8,2011...Ensenada, Guanica Bay

The weatherman says to be ready for 'unsettled' weather and make for an anchorage protected on all sides. Sigh. Its that season. So, luckily for us, there is a well-protected cove in the northern end of Guanica bay near the town of Ensenada. We made the move, and though the water is a bit mucky (this is a mangrove area), and there is an abandoned sugar mill next to us, the birds are singing, the houses picturesque, and the hills will protect us from the south, west, and north. So we waited for the horribleness to arrive -- 50-knot thunderstorms?!?!?!?!

We used the time to visit the towns of Ensenada and Guanica, both of which have huge baseball stadiums and bakeries pumping out lots of great-smelling bread. Guanica also has a long boardwalk (malecon) with a monument to the US soldiers that landed here in 1898, as well as a nicely-manicured town square with fountains and seating. The houses are pretty -- different colors -- lots of grillwork -- and the streets have broad sidewalks. (Now if only there were town docks that didn't look like they might blow away with the next storm!)

BTW - the extreme weather didn't come -- at least not to Ensenada -- so we either beat the storm with protection or were overly cautious. In any case, we're safe and sound.

Ensenada: 17d57.811'N 66d55.560'W

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