June 1-5, 2011... Gilligan's Island

Having spent so much time anchored in Salinas and touring on land, we thought it time to go sailing again. And, we wanted to return to some great places we visited last year. So, out the channel and sails up for the trip to Bahia de Guanica and Gilligan's Island. The wind was light, but we trimmed and trimmed and got Anhinga to move down the coast. John was awarded the black and blue medal of honor when he got his arm between the wind and the rigging as the boom shifted during a jibe. Just as the wind started to come up shrieking, we entered the bay and found our spot for the night in calm waters.

We had some downtime as the weather turned gray, so we puttered around the boat cleaning and fixing some things that had gone too long. But when the sun came out again we were in the dinghy making for the reef to snorkel. It had only been a few weeks since we were swimming in Vieques, but it seemed too long. It felt great to be in the clear waters with the fish and coral again.

Gilligan's Island (Cayos de Cana Gorda): 17d56.910'N 66d52.399'W

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