October 31-November 2, 2009... ICW to Charleston

From Winyah Bay we started out on the ICW for Charleston. The first night out we anchored off the Harbor River in a cut through the marsh. Only a few other boats there; lots of pelicans. It is part of the Cape Romain National Wildlife Reserve. Before entering the reserve (which runs 20 miles along the ICW) we saw a couple of bald eagles. Didn’t see any in the reserve... This was Halloween, so since there wasn’t any trick or treating, we celebrated by watching a really bad horror movie, The Snake People, starring Boris Karloff.

Harbor River: +33° 2' 2.58", -79° 32' 31.74" (StM 436)

Sunday, more ICW, and arrival in Charleston. What a pretty city. We stayed for a couple of days, anchored across from the City Marina and used their dinghy dock so that we could walk into town. We didn’t realize how residential the city is so close to the business district. The old houses are beautiful, well maintained, and of course the landscaping with all the palm trees is wonderful. Too bad we are in South Carolina, and it is still cold... Well, it is November... A plug for a terrific Italian restaurant - Pane e Vino on Warren Street off Marion Square is just marvelous. A small place - just 10 tables - if you are in Charleston, go!! Wish we had more meals in a day to eat so that we could take advantage of all Charleston has to offer.

Charleston: +32° 46' 26.16", -79° 57' 3.48"

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