November 3-5, 2009... ICW to Beaufort, SC

We left Charleston on Tuesday, November 3rd, to continue down the ICW for Beaufort SC. The first thing we did was forget to check the bridge opening schedule. So there we were bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to depart at 7:30am only to realize that the bridge a mile away wouldn’t be opening until 9am. Oy. So, we re-anchored and waited. We made pretty good progress and found a place to anchor for the night in the South Edisto River near Alligator Creek (StM 510) where we were all alone for awhile. Only two other boats passed that evening, then finally one other sailboat came over to anchor nearby. Another gorgeous, bright orange moonrise.

South Edisto:
+32° 33' 37.98", -80° 24' 30.60"

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