November 9-10, 2009... Sunshine!

Monday morning we left the anchorage and set south for Daytona. The trip down the ICW was fairly uneventful, even though the winds were howling. It was so nice to be in shorts and t-shirts again -- the temperature got up into the 80s and we needed sunglasses. You can’t complain about that. The dolphins are everywhere in the canals, welcoming us wherever we go. Lots of pelicans, herons, egrets, and to our delight, ospreys! Maybe some of our Annapolis ospreys are spending the winter here in northern Florida. Forgot to mention the newest birds added to our list -- we saw masked boobies feeding in packs when we were out on the ocean the other day. Another bird that dives full force into the water -- astounding. One sour note to our day. Upon arrival in Daytona, we had some trouble anchoring with the winds and currents opposed, and during that time drifted aground into the mud. Sheesh. Scott, from TowBoat US was a lifesaver. In addition to getting us out of the mud, he escorted us to a terrific DEEP place to anchor, where we had a quiet night.

Daytona Beach: +29° 13' 26.88", -81° 1' 12.78"

Tuesday we were up early to find out if we were going to make it through the Main Street bridge in Daytona. It was undergoing repairs and had closed ‘indefinitely’ the day before. Luckily, they had called in a crew to manually open the bridge at 7am and we were on our way. Pretty rough day on the ICW -- the winds and chop didn’t make for the easiest passage through. But by late afternoon we made it to Titusville with no incidents and anchored south of the Titusville bascule bridge. Tonight we celebrate the lack of adventure with a quiet night on the boat.

Titusville: +28° 36' 47.94", -80° 47' 51.42"

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