3-7 July 2015... Bogue Lagoon, Jamaica

We stopped waiting for weather, since we knew it would all be the same, and headed west and downwind again for Montego Bay.  Our plan was to anchor off the Yacht Club, pay to use the facilities, and clear out of Jamaica here.  We turned off the ocean into Montego Bay and got slammed with 31 knot winds -- the water was pretty churned up too.  But we went down to the harbor and immediately saw that there was nowhere in shallow water to anchor (lots of derelict boats clogging up the harbor), and where there was space, it was very deep and we would pretty much be swinging into the cruise ship turning basin.  And it was rough!  So, we turned Anhinga back, went around Freeport island, made our way through the coral reef and boogied into Bogue Lagoon.  Aaahhh!!!

Bogue Lagoon is a mangrove-lined bay.  Even when the wind is howling, the water here is smooth.  We found a nice spot to anchor just near the northeast corner in front of the Houseboat Grill.  Lots of birds -- frigates by the dozen, egrets, pelicans -- and fish jumping all around us.  We were warned about the bugs, but given the drought, there were not very many.  The folks at the Houseboat Grill were very nice to us and let us tie our dinghy up to their dock.  We did go there for dinner and it was great to see Anhinga, in front of the hills on the outskirts of Montego Bay.  

We walked into town, visited Sam Sharpe Square and read about the slave rebellion he led.  Slavery was abolished in Jamaica early in the 19th century.  We also walked up the 'Hip Strip' where the hotels, restaurants, gift shops, and beaches are.  The biggest place was Margaritaville -- bowing to the gods of tourism, we stopped in for lunch and watched people slide into the water from a great big tube slide and bounce on giant floating trampolines.  What will they think of next?

We did clear out of the country at the Yacht Club, and left at first light for the 800-mile journey back to the US.

Bogue Lagoon:  18d27.292'N  77d56.138'W

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  1. Whers in the world are you guys? We've lost track of you since your last blod in July. Carl and Carrie