23-29 June 2015... Oracabessa, Jamaica

We left Port Antonio and realized how protected the harbor was when we got outside.  Maybe 10-12 kts inside, 20 gusting 25 outside.  (We soon found out that those conditions were to be constant while we were in Jamaica.)  Made our way downwind to Oracabessa, a day hop.  Very calm in this tiny tiny fishermen's harbor.  If there had been even one more boat in there, we might not have found space.  But, we did.  

To start our exploration, we got the kayak down (it seemed silly to use the dinghy in such a small place) and went to shore at what we found out was the Goldeneye Resort.  There, Munroe became our newest acquaintance -- everyday she let us put our kayak on their dock and use the construction road and gate.  So we made our way either to town, or to catch a route taxi further afield -- we visited Port Maria (which has a terrific little library) and St. Ann (which has a fabulous market) via taxi.  Our biggest exploration though was our VERY long walk to Firefly, Sir Noel Coward's house.

Firefly was about a four mile walk from Oracabessa around the peninsula on flat land, then a two mile hike up the hill.  We successfully reached Firefly, but had to stop and rehydrate with Ting -- our other favorite drink in Jamaica.  Noel Coward's house was wonderful.  He had it built to take full advantage of the view, and to accommodate his lifestyle.  It was really quite modest for such a successful person -- just a few rooms including his painting studio, a small room with a piano, a bedroom, and the best room -- the room with the view.  There were photos everywhere of all the celebrities who had visited -- including the Queen Mum.  The grounds were large, and he is buried on site.  Hands down, this was the best place we visited in Jamaica.  Maybe someday when we move back on land, and we are quite famous, we too will have a place like this...  

Oracabessa:  18d24.447'N  76d56.887'W

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