June 22-27... Annapolis and the Magothy River

We opted for a city mooring in Annapolis off City Dock, which felt kind of strange, like we were from out of town or something.  But we learned that much former anchoring area had been turned into mooring fields, both in Back and Spa Creeks.  So what was the first thing we did in Annapolis?  Bought two megacans of Crab House Nuts, which John had been talking about since we got back to the Chesapeake.  Yes, they are that good. We walked everywhere noting changes.  There still is nothing in the old Fawcett’s building on Ego Alley.  
The day after we arrived was the big annual Eastport A Rockin’ festival -- we had to go over for that.  And yes, the Eastport Oyster Boys were there playing the old favorites that evoke the Bay to us.  Of course we danced.  (Jay wasn’t too embarrassed.)  
During the time he was with us, we also subjected Jay to a classic film festival, including “The Third Man”, “Marty”, “Suspicion”, and “The Lady Vanishes” as well as the little known “Suddenly” with Frank Sinatra (not a classic...)  We also included an Astaire-Rogers favorite, “Follow the Fleet” and previewed a dance performance...We joined the Navy to see the world!!!

The chop on the Severn was pretty bad, especially on the weekend when the power boats went out to play, but we are made of sturdy stuff (Chesapeake Bay paddlers!) and kayaked around Horn Point to Back Creek to investigate our old stomping grounds.  All those days of boat shopping by kayak came back to us as we meandered through the marinas and anchorages.
We had to get moving again to get to Baltimore by the 27th, as we were going on a week-long ‘big ship’ cruise with Patti’s family on the 28th.  Dropping the mooring, we headed up to the next river, the Magothy, and anchored off Gibson Island.  What a contrast to the hubbub of Annapolis.  And what beautiful sunsets.  We needed the quiet and relaxation before making our last leg up the Patapsco and putting Anhinga into a marina in Baltimore.
Gibson Island:  +39° 5' 21.90", -76° 25' 59.40"
Baltimore:  +39° 15' 50.40", -76° 36' 10.98"

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