June 18-22, 2012... Choptank River

We hadn’t been to the Choptank in over 5 years, and Jay hadn’t ever been there, so it was time to visit.  If only we had enough time to gunkhole all the nooks and crannies.  Our first stop was LeCompte Bay, a wide easy access anchorage.  Arriving in late afternoon, John and Patti were worn out from the day, but Jay was raring to go, so off he went in the kayak in search of open area to fly his kite.  He met Mary, an octogenarian who lived on her farm on this bay for over 40 years, after growing up on another farm the other side of Cambridge.  She regaled Jay with stories of the area, pointing out who owned the houses lining the shore.  Jay successfully got the kite flying, but the camera battery was knocked out, and we got no overhead shots.  

Next day we moved the boat to Cambridge, though not inside the creek -- too many boats there already -- and anchored near the park, close enough to dinghy into town.  Still a lot of watermen working the river near here and we watched them bring in the catch.  A walk through town revealed a place with some beautifully restored homes and interesting architecture in the commercial center.  But there really wasn’t much going on and unfortunately, lots of empty storefronts.  The visitor center in the park was a great find though -- it had information for most of the counties in Maryland.

Our last stop in the Choptank was Oxford where we anchored off the Strand.  One of summer’s heat waves struck and we put the awning up for the first time since we were in the Caribbean last year.  Boy, did we need that shade, as the mercury climbed and the days lasted forever with the summer solstice.  To help beat the heat we went to town daily for ice cream (any excuse, right?)  The sea nettles were HUGE and swimming in packs.  That kept us out of the water.  But we did kayak upriver to explore some nearby creeks and coves, listening to silence and the birds that dared venture out in the heat.  

Jay was leaving us in Annapolis, so we sailed out for the last leg of the trip to the Severn River.  We were anxious to return to Annapolis, our last ‘address’ before going cruising in July 2009.  We got a little choked up as the radio towers came into view, then the Navy Chapel, State House, and church steeples.  We were back!
LeCompte Bay, Choptank River:  +38° 36' 1.20", -76° 9' 5.16"
Cambridge Creek:  +38° 34' 29.88", -76° 3' 54.96"
Oxford, Tred Avon River:  +38° 41' 50.88", -76° 10' 12.00"
Annapolis:  +38° 58' 31.68", -76° 28' 55.92"

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