March 8-19, 2012... Ft. Pierce, FL

We left Stuart on a blustery day for the short trip up the ICW to Ft. Pierce and anchored where we had 3 years ago on our way south. Seemed that the anchorage had filled In a bit, the depths not being what they used to be, but good enough for Anhinga. The other difference was that there was only one other boat -- a huge change from our earlier experience. It turned out to be a spectacular place to anchor -- lots of fish under the boat (we think bumper), dolphins swimming around most days, pelicans by the dozens, herons, etc. And of course our manatee visitor (see 13 Mar blog post.)

We took full advantage of the city marina for its dinghy dock and proximity to town. Our favorite days were Saturdays for the farmers market, where we shopped for fresh produce and bread, and danced to the bands playing. Last Saturday 'The Critters' of 1960s fame played. Guess musicians retire to Florida too.

Lucky for us, John III was in country and we were able to meet him for dinner. We also Facetimed Alejandra together -- ain't technology grand? We held the table at the restaurant for 4 hours, so we got to know our waiter a bit and see his snook fishing pictures. Fishing is big here on the Treasure Coast.

We kayaked several times and on our last day in town, went on a 4-hour marathon around the causeway, into the Ft. Pierce inlet, and up into the mangroves. We didn't judge the depth there too well and went aground (we only draw 6"!!) and John had to tow us to deep water. Then we found the channel that goes to the party beach. At least 50 boats tied up and with the music, kids playing, and people tanning, it seemed like we found what people do on Sunday afternoons. We'll take it!

Ft. Pierce: +27° 27' 24.90", -80° 18' 11.58"

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