March 19-20, 2012... Journey North

St. Augustine beckoned, so we waited for the right weather for the 30-hour ocean voyage from Ft. Pierce, got an early start, and shook out the new sails. The morning hours were terrific; the sails behaved beautifully, the winds were just right, and we were making quick work of our itinerary. Until about noon. Then, no wind. We waited all day and through the night with no luck. So we motorsailed and got to St. Augustine Inlet about noon the second day. This is not an obvious straight shot in off the ocean, and without the help of a fisherman heading out, and the crew of a working dredge, we would not have made it. The last test of our sleep-deprived characters was to get through a bridge and hook up to a mooring at the city marina. Took several tries, but we did it and are now drowsily soaking up our new surroundings in downtown.

Highlight of the trip? TURTLES!! Gigantic turtles swimming about 10-15 miles away from shore south of Cape Canaveral. We haven't identified them, but by their size, we are thinking leatherbacks. They have started nesting on Florida beaches, so we figure these were a couple of Moms heading in to lay their eggs.

St. Augustine: +29° 53' 10.74", -81° 18' 20.46"


  1. Hey Guys-
    Haven't checked you out in a while. Looks like you have been having a good time back in the good old USofA. Enjoyed the "creature story"! Hoping to hear John on the Virtual Grant Hall tonight, but if not will be in touch again soon.


  2. John and Patti,

    Thanks for a great day in St. Augustine. Cindy and I really enjoyed the time with you, Bill and Betty. Here's to continued smooth sailing. Keep those blog posts coming. See you in September.


  3. Patti and John, My dinghy butt is finally dry. We had such a fine time with you and touring Anhinga. You are in a different world. It was fun to enjoy it with you for awhile. See you in New York this fall. Bill