November - December 2015... Return to South Florida

Our first stop after returning from Israel was Delray Beach, where we helped Renee and Irv get ready for their transoceanic cruise. Once they were off we spent many hours getting Anhinga back in shape after being 'stored' in the slip in Stuart, FL, and provisioning for winter cruising. We split our time between Delray and Stuart, finally moving Anhinga to West Palm Beach in early December.

In the back of our minds we knew one day we would have to break down and buy a new anchor chain, but were hopeful that we could get one more year out of what we had. Well, when we put out the chain to anchor in WPB, we noticed way too much rust and upon closer examination, saw the links were actually thinning. Knowing that our travels would take us too far away to buy chain at a reasonable price, we did the right thing. Now we have a gorgeous chain with very solid links and have no problem sleeping at night.

The only problem waiting for the chain delivery was that it made us miss the last decent weather window for crossing to the Bahamas. Well, there are worse places to wait than WPB! We are in a great location and can take advantage of all 'the Palm Beaches' have to offer. One wonderful new thing this year is the CANVAS Outdoor Exhibition of murals. We have enjoyed the murals in years past, and this year there was a concerted effort to get renown artists from around the world to paint West Palm Beach. So, we walked around with the camera one day to record them, as well as some unofficial art we saw along the way. Enjoy!

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  1. Hey Guys- Just happen to check and see you have started updating the log again. I will start checking on a more regular basis. The photos from Isreal were great!