February 3-13, 2013... Key West, FL

Waited for weather. Got it wrong. Same old song. Left the anchorage off Little Torch in 16 knots. Blew 20-25 in the Hawk Channel. With our staysail and our incredibly reefed mini-main, we had a rather sporty sail for the 30 miles to Key West. Around Fleming Key we picked up a mooring off Garrison Bight and got ready for the 'big town'. First day in we met cousins Joel and Sarah with little cutie David (who we were seeing for the first time), down in the Keys for a vacation. Last time we saw Sarah and Joel was in the Thimbles in Connecticut, 4 years ago. What a pleasure to catch up. And that David -- what a kid!

Over the next week we walked all over the Old Town, the New Town, alternately sightseeing and getting prepped to leave the country. If you can avoid Duval Street and the daily disgorging of cruise ship passengers, Key West can be a wonderful small town. Many old houses have been beautifully restored. We met one lady who called to us from her porch. In our conversation we learned that she was born in that house 90 years ago. The changes she has seen!

We made ourselves at home, finding great places to eat (loved Santiago's Bodega), buy fresh bread, watch the sunsets (people blow the shell to celebrate sundown), and see the neighbors change in the mooring field. Still winter, we needed to watch the weather and wait to leave for the last keys in the US -- the Marquesas and the Dry Tortugas -- before the big jump to Mexico.

Key West:  24d34.538'N  81d47.302'W

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  1. Ahoy Anhinga. Was wondering when you would make it to Key West. Hope you had a good time. Dry Tortugas....invokes visions of pirates. Watch out for Black Beard. Then Mexico, wow can't wait to hear about that sail. Smooth seas and steady breezes my frinds.