August 6-15, 2012... Escape from the Dock!

We got itchy feet sitting at the dock, and needed to feel Anhinga swinging at anchor again.  So, we took a mini-cruise up to the Chester River on the Eastern Shore, first stopping at Whitehall Bay, just to make sure all our improvements on the boat were in good working order.  From there we headed to the Chester, turning into Langford Creek, a place we hadn’t been before.  As we puttered up the creek we got a glimpse of the bucolic setting east of Cacaway Island, so turned in there and anchored.  Ahhh... so far from the hustle and bustle of Annapolis.  We kayaked a few miles up the East Fork to the end, and though exhausted from the effort, we were rewarded with a bald eagle sighting.  Magnificent!

Next we moved the boat up to the West Fork of Langford, anchoring near the public boat ramp.  This is a beautiful spot, and crabbers were still working the creek, making bushelfuls of crabs each day.  Great seeing that the waters are so productive.  The boat ramp location was key to our next couple of excursions, which required land access.  

First, we were on the search for Tallulah.  Yes, Tallulah Bankhead -- actress and personality of the 1930s and 40s.  She is buried at St Paul’s Church graveyard off the West Fork.  Why would a larger than life star of Hollywood and London, resident of New York, end up on the Eastern Shore?  We went to find out.  So, paddling over to the ramp, we beached the kayak and walked up the road past cornfields to the main road that took us to the cemetery.  We unsuccessfully searched the grounds, so went into the church office to ask for guidance.  Not the first to ever go looking for Tallulah, the office was ready with printed directions.  We found Tallulah, buried next to her sister and brother (?) near the water.  And that is why she is here, because her sister took care of her at the end of her life.

Our next excursion was in the other direction to Rock Hall.  It was Pirates and Wenches Fantasy Weekend -- a big annual event.  This small town attracts lots of people dressed in full pirate regalia and there is music and other entertainment all over town.  We figured, why not?  Though we didn’t have the appropriate costumes, we enjoyed everyone else’s get-ups, the decorated houses in town, the music and the circus acts.

Our next challenge was the sail up the river to Chestertown.  Winds were light, but we eventually got there, anchored off the town dock, and swung back and forth with the current.  We visited town, which was quiet and pretty, then realized we needed to leave to get back to Annapolis, to get ready for our trip to Oregon to take Jay to college.  We wanted to stop first further down the Chester to break up the return trip.  So, back to the Corsica River, a place we had visited before, for our last night of Eastern Shore quiet before going back to the dock in Annapolis.

Whitehall Bay, Annapolis:  +38° 59' 47.82", -76° 25' 35.04"
Cacaway Island, Langford Creek, Chester River:  +39° 7' 34.50", -76° 9' 35.82"
West Fork, Langford Creek, Chester River:  +39° 9' 27.90", -76° 10' 57.66"
Chestertown, Chester River:  +39° 12' 14.28", -76° 3' 44.76"
Emory Creek, Corsica River, Chester River:  +39° 5' 0.06", -76° 6' 44.16"

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